Rail-Mass Transit


General Cable is a leading supplier of Polyrad® XT wire and cable to the Mass Transit market.

Transit applications require the toughest cables to ensure performance, safety and reliability while lowering lifecycle costs. Fromrapid transit cables, locomotive applications and hybrid-powered buses to facilities, General Cable offers a range of cable products for the challenging transit marketplace. We consistently bring new innovative cabling concepts to the industry through better technology, superior safety, easier and faster installation, simplified maintenance, extended performance and improved cost efficiency.
General Cable’s expertise can be traced back nearly a century to the days of tramways, railways and trolleys. From Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen cables (LSZH) for the London Underground to the engineered and unique insulation system of Brand Rex Brand Polyrad® XT, General Cable’s innovative technologies are the best in class for powering your mass transit connection.

Rapid Transit & Locomotive

State-of-the-art cabling solutions for on-car applications

General Interior Car Body Wiring

  • Communications Cables, Copper Category 5 Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, 100 & 120 Ohm Cables
  • Control Circuit Cables

Trainline Control

  • Multi Conductor Composite Cables

Braking System

  • Electronic Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Brake Cables

Propulsion System

  • Power Cables
  • Signal Multi Conductor Composite Cables

HVAC System

  • 600V & 2kV Single Conductor Cables

State-of-the-art cabling solutions for Locomotive applications

Hot Bearing Detector Area

  • Speed Sensor Control Cables


  • Copper Category 5 Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • 100 & 120 Ohm Cables

Trainline Control

  • Multi Conductor Composite Cables


  • 480V Transpower Cables

Traction Motors

  • Lead Wires

Interior Locomotive Use

  • Control Wiring

Cab Area

  • Control Multi and Single Conductor Cables

General Cable engineers all copper products to meet critical physical, mechanical and electrical requirements, including but not limited to the following listings:

•  AAR RP-585 •  SMP 800-C
•  AAR S-4210 •  ICEA S-95-658
•  UL VW-1 Flame Test •  IEEE Flame Tests
•  ASTM E662 •  BSS 7239
•  UL 44

General Cable engineers all fiber optic products to meet critical physical, mechanical and electrical requirements, including but not limited to the following list:

•  NES 711/713
•  Telcordia GR-20
•  ASTM E662
•  IEC Flame/Safety Tests
•  NEC 770-51(b)/770-53(b)
•  NYCT Approval – TO


Application-Specific Cable Assemblies

General Cable specializes in high-end, precision engineered breakout-type cable assemblies utilizing vertically integrated in-house capabilities. From application-specific cable design, engineering and manufacturing, to custom-engineered cable assemblies with fully documented and traceable test procedures in accordance with our customers’ specifications, General Cable offers quantifiable quality cabling solutions.

Intellectual and Technical Investments in Product Excellence

  • Leading through material development
  • Extensive range of in-house qualification testing

Dedicated Engineering Expertise for Innovative System Designs

  • Achieving a long-life design through a total cable system approach
  • Fully integrated components selection for best overall performance

ISO 9001:2002 Quality Assurance Program

  • Product realization from cable design and raw materials, to final inspection and testing documentation
  • Continually in pursuit of product improvement

Advanced Customer Purchasing and Information eBusiness Tools

  • Instantaneous online information, integrated supply solutions & logistic planning
  • Competitive advantage in meeting installation deadlines and just-in-time deliveries

Exceeding Our Customers’ Expectations

•  Transit Authorities
•  Transit Car Builders
•  Locomotive Builders
•  Specification Design Consultants
•  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
•  Electrical Contractor Firms
•  Wholesale Electrical Distributors
•  Specialty Distributors