Utility & Solar



Electric Utility Cables

General Cable’s Electric Utility Team is strategically positioned to provide the energy market with the best service and products available. Our resources are focused on providing outstanding quality, service and competitive pricing while driving “value” on behalf of our key customers. Our cables are the industry standard and the preferred choice for power transmission and distribution.

Your Solar Energy Cable Partner

Today’s solar technology can be placed in a wide variety of environments, enabling concentrated solar power technologies and large-scale solar farms to produce thousands of Gigawatts of electricity per year. Next generation solar technology will reduce deployment costs and further drive widespread adoption.

Breadth of Product

From the back of the solar panel to the inverter where DC electricity is converted into clean AC power, from the inverter to the transformer where electricity is transferred to the substation, and from the substation to the power grid, General Cable provides a broad range of renewable energy products for the Solar market.

Low-Voltage Power Cables

  • Panel to the Combiner Box
  • Combiner Box to the Inverter
  • Inverter to the Transformer

Medium-Voltage Power Cables

  • Transformer to the Substation

HV & EHV Cables & Conductors

  • Substation to Grid

Application-Specific Cables

  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Substation Cables
  • Custom Cable Assemblies